My last period arrived on June 11th and lasted until the 16th, which is normal. My periods are typically 25-28 days apart and last for 5-6 days. I had unprotected sex on June 27th and took plan B pills 15 hours after having unprotected sex, just to be on the safe side. I experienced some side effects such as a headache, mild nasea, and dizziness, however, 2 days ago, I had brown spotting; it wasn't much at all. The next morning I woke up with bad period-like cramps, like I normally get before a period, so I took ibuprofen to help. I heavily bled vibrant red coloured blood (which is normal period blood for me) throughout the entire day. Cramps were accompanied with it too. I also noticed that the blood was somewhat sticky.. could this be my uterine lining? Today is day 7 since taking the pill, and the 2nd day of heavy bleeding. I have cramping, but they're not as severe at all. My next period is due tomorrow, (July 6th), and today is July 5th, and the bleeding all started July 3rd. Could this just be my period? In the packet, I read that the pill can cause your period to come early and my physician told me that I can expect a heavier flow. But I'm also wondering if this could just be a withdrawal/breakthrough bleeding caused by plan B, or if this could even be a sign of pregnancy?