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I just get my period can I get pregnancy when I come it?

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DzooBaby 18 Mar 2014

yes, it is still possible to get pregnant when you are on your period. The bleeding isnt what determines fertility. Bleeding is just the shedding of the uterine lining. It is ovulation that makes one fertile and it is possible to ovulate while bleeding. There is no truly "safe" time to have unprotected sex. Your best option if you are sexually active is to start using reliable birth control, for instance, birth control pills (also called oral contraceptives which are hormones to prevent the release of an egg or ovulation), Nuva Ring which is a device placed inside the vagina that secretes hormones to prevent the release of an egg (ovulation), Depo-Provera injections, Ortho Evra is a patch form of birth control where the hormones are absorbed by the skin, or devices like Implanon/Nexplanon in which a small match-like plastic rod is placed under the skin of the upper inner arm and secretes hormones to prevent ovulation. Non hormonal birth control includes things like condoms and spermicide, the diaphragm, cervical cap which are used to prevent sperm from reaching the egg so no fertilization occurs. Talk to a gynecologist or your local family planning clinic to discuss the best option for you. free discount card

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