My doctor does not even really have a good answer for it, she just keeps trying to change the brand. I'm currently taking Logestrin Fe the first month i used it I had my period during the placebo pill, however after the first month I have never gotten my period during the placebo, but it will randomly come when it feels like even though I'm taking active pills. The doctor even had me on Jolessa which is supposed to only make you have a period every three months, and when I took that I had my period correctly three months later on the placebo week, however the next go around three months later no period, and then it randomly happened while taking active pills and it lasted 27days! It is driving me crazy having such an irregular period. I have been on BC for about three years now, and the first year was perfectly fine, I had a period every month during the placebo pill like normal and then all of a sudden it wants to be crazy, and no matter what brand of BC I'm on the same thing happens, it seems fine the first month, and then after that it does what it wants on active pills and nothing on placebo. They just started me out on Levora which is supposed to be a little stronger. But anyone have any ideas whats going on?