i'm 20 and new to BC and i started Lutera 3 days (on a friday) after my period ended. (it's my first pack) the first 3 days i had headaches and mood swings throughout the week here and there but nothing too severe. i haven't had unprotected sex or anything and i know it'll take my body at least 3+ months to adjust to the hormones. I took my 3rd pink pill and got my period yesterday but this period was by far the most painful i've ever had. i still had cramps which made me take a midol and my period blood is actually very dark (like a dark brownish) and what looks like my uterus lining coming out... is that normal? i thought my period was suppose to be lighter and i actually wake up feeling more exhausted... oh and would it still be possible for me to get pregnant in the future? i've heard that being a long-term user on BC will affect me in the future :(