I did not get a period this month while on the pill, only very light spotting for 1 day. I have been stresssed and had rapid weight loss and change in eating habits (eating more, actually). I have not missed any pills but have had intercourse unprotected. I have major bloating, no breast tenderness, no cravings of any kind, or fatigue but have some cramps like my period is trying to start. I am on Aviane generic for Alesse 28 TAB low dose. I used to have a period last 5 days, while on the pill 2 yrs it shortened to 3 days. I have been on this type of pill for 4 yrs. Is this normal or by some freak chance I am pregnant? I do not need to be pregnant as my last pregnancy nearly killed me. I am 30 and want my tubes tied but thought you had to have 2 children before you can do that. I do not want anymore children.