So this is what is going on : March 1st was the last day of my last period , I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on March 7th . About 7-8 hours after having sex , I took the plan B pill . Now he did "forget" to pull out on time ( he never has until now but I guess I'm the stupid one for relying on this method ) & did ejaculate in me . I have taken plan B a few times throughout the years and this is the strangest experience I ever had on it . For starters , about 9 days after having sex I had spotting that was on and off between brown to red blood for two days . Pretty light , not as much as a period but enough to fill my liners up but not my tampon . After that my period was due on the 25th and I am now about to be 10 days late. This is very unusual for me . All the times I have taken plan B I always got my period on time and I am synced with my mother so I always get mine right before hers and she already is about to get off . I am like a clock lol I am rarely late and if I am it's for like 3 days or so . I have had no symptoms of getting my period , which is weird because I always show symptoms like cramping , moodiness , more cravings ect and bloating . But I have shown none , I am however more tired and certain foods the last few days have made me nauseous ( aversions ) . I was worried at first and took a first response 1 day after my missed period and it was negative . This week I have taken a few dollar tree tests just to ease my mind and all negative . So I haven't really been worried , just thought it was the plan B messing with my cycle but this waiting game is getting old . This isn't like me at all , my body doesn't feel right but as long as the tests are negative I don't want to assume anything and than trick my body to thinking it is . Also , another odd thing is my godson who is about to turn 2 has been coming up to me and rubbing my belly and saying baby . He NEVER does this nor is he around any pregnant women to get the idea of a baby being in a belly . I corrected him and said no it's my belly and he said no baby . My friends 10 month old who never really likes me and hates cuddling also has been more affectionate towards me the other day and even layed up on me which she never wants to do , not even to her own mother . So those two incidents made me start to think again ..bottom line is I don't want to keep wasting money on more tests but when should I really start to worry ? Should I make a doctors appointment if another week or two goes by ? How do I keep my mind off of it so my body doesn't start tricking itself . I didnt want a baby right now , however me and my boyfriend are pretty stable financially and it wouldn't be the end of the world . I just hate feeling like I am in a limbo , or if I am freaking out for no reason . I also haven't even told him I could be , he doesn't even know I am late . I didn't want to worry him unless I actually was pregnant & it's not like he ever pays attention to my cycles .