Wondering if anyone can help... My last period started on 15/08/15. So I would have thought that I'd be due on around the 15th of this month. Most of the time my period comes a little earlier than usual. However, I started taking the pill a week ago, so a week before my period was due. Would this be why my period is late?
*TMI*: I last had unprotected sex on 12&13/08/15, so a couple of days before I got my period. I have taken some pregnancy tests (about a week ago) which have come back as negative. Could I be pregnant or is my period late because of the pill?
I hope someone can help!

I have been to the doctors about this btw, I saw a nurse who told me that I could very well be pregnant and then I saw a doctor who told me that there's no way I could be pregnant.