I've been taking lo loestrin fe for a year next month. My periods have really lightened up, usually about 2 days and i have very little bleeding or its just extremely dark (almost black) (also sorry tmi!), anyways, my period only lasted one day. It was heavy yesterday, extremely red and thick. It seemed normal to me. Then today I'm off it? Some brown discharge but thats about it. I had sex the day before my period was due but with a condom and I also had sex January 1st without a condom. My period started on time, i cramped and had all the pms symptoms. My favorite thing to do is look up things and get freaked out. I saw some things saying that I had implantation bleeding and could be pregnant, but then I read on birth control the longer you're on it the shorter your periods get. So... basically i'm asking if I could be pregnant? I've never missed a pill and i always take them on time.