I just started taking birth control on January 1st, I followed my doctors instructions and began taking my first pill on the day I started my period. Since January 1st I have taken a pill everyday at nearly the same exact minute (my schedule makes that very easy) and have not missed a single one. Today I just finished my second full week of pills. Yesterday I had a little bit of spotting which my Docotor had told me would only happen if I missed a pill, which I have not done but after a few hours it stopped so I kind of just shook it off. Today about two hours after taking my pill I began experiencing minor cramps which was followed by bleeding. This is not spotting, it very much resembles bleeding during my period. It became so bad I had to switch to a tampon. I really don't understand why I am experiencing bleeding if I have not missed any of my pills and since I just finished my period a week ago. I would call my doctors office but they close early on Fridays so I thought I would see if anyone could give me an ideas? I'm not necessarily concerned just confused and honestly a bit frustrated, the whole idea of the pill was to help with my periods and now I'm possibly already starting my next period. Granted I've always had a rather inconsistent period this seems just unreasonable.