I have been on birth control for over a year, but on this new one for about 6 months. I got my regular period, and took my birth control for about a week and a half, and stopped. I started bleeding but just for like a weekend. For some dumb reason I decided to start taking the rest of the pills in the same pack (I know, stupid.) and then I stopped again because I only had 2 days left in the pack before sugar pills and got a period for like 2 days. But before that 2 day period I had unproctcted sex. He did not ejaculate in me, or has ever. But anyway, my period was all new blood except for a little brown the day before the actual period, and it had clots, it was a constant flow, and I had period cramps. I have no signs of pregnancy either. I just started a new pack and wI'll be very consistant. But since I reallllly screwed up my track, should I expect a period in 3 weeks?