Ive looked alot into this and not much has been said about my situation. I recieved the shot 3 times so i was on it for 9 months. And the first 2 months i had no period then after that it did not stop. Around february 24th a bit after my bday my period started and never stopped. So i stopped getting the shot. Now it has been almost 3 months since ive stopped the shot and my period is still in full throttle. I went to the doctors and the gyno seemed baffled by it. She put me on the pill saying it was my body reacting to the shot. So now not even the pill works. It did slow it down and stopped it for 3 days but then it just got alot worse. I have been on my period for 6 months now and it is worse than ever.
Please if youre thinking of getting this shot make sure you want to deal with the possibility of being on your period constantly and unable to stop it!!!