I have just started taking birth control pills and am on my first pack. It is my understanding that things can be a little wonky while in the first few months of your birth control, so I wasn't worried when I started bleeding at the end of my second week. I assumed it was breakthrough bleeding because the first day it was really light and not very bad. However, the next day the bleeding got more intense and I started feeling cramps so I realized this must be my period. Today is my fourth day of bleeding. I have still been taking my pill every day as directed, and it should be noted that I have not been late with a pill and have not missed one. I have four more pills in my pack left at this point and then after that I am supposed to wait a week before I begin a new pack (my pack does not come with placebo pills per se). During this time is when I was supposed to have my period, but because it has come early I am concerned that I will not be protected during this week and that I will begin to ovulate. Anything I have read about early periods on the pill says to just continue the pack as usual, but nothing really addresses this off week. Will I still be protected by my birth control on this off week if my period was early and no other bleeding happens during this off week?