i was supposed to get my period last friday but i didnt. i had a bit of brown discharge saturday/ sunday but thats it. I missed one pill, but i didnt realized it until last wednseday. i was on the 3rd to the last pill, when i was supposed to be on the 2nd to the last one. cause i start a new pack friday. But i still kept taking the pills even before i realized i missed one.

This has happened to me before. December last year. but i had brown discharges and all that. im guessing one reason was i was really stressed out with school cause it was finals week. we all know how stressful college can be lol. I usually take my pill around 11pm, but sometimes(or most) i take it around 11;30 or anytime not more than 3 hours. I take the combination pill so i heard we get that "time window"

For sex, we usually use protection. One time we didnt, but boyfriend pulled out right even before he was close. But i made sure i took the pill that night, and every time we have sex. Im guessing i missed it on the 3rd week of my pack.

I dont know if it makes any sense but we just moved to a new house and i've been lifting heavy boxes for the past two weeks and have been doing really physical stuff. So could that be the reason why? or cause i missed one pill? My period started a day early last month and it was pretty heavy. so should i just wait til my next period or check? thank you.