Me and my boyfriend had sex around 3 weeks ago on a Saturday he came in me and I took plan b; Ellaone within a hour, however ten days after that we had sex again with a condom but the condom split without us knowing and he came in me. We had sex again without a condom the same day and it was so intense he came in me again (stupid I know I learnt my lesson:() this was on Saturday. I took plan b around3/4 days later on Tuesday I think it was levonalle. What's important is Ellaone decreases the chance of any other plan b pill if taken before two weeks nd I took it one week and 6 days after taking Ellaone. I was suppose to start my period this Wednesday but now it is Saturday and I still havent came on. The first time I went to get plan b they gave me contraception pills I was going to use them on the day I start my period which was Wednesday but I haven't came on therefore I am waiting as I don't want to harm the baby if I'm pregnant. They said that when I took Ellaone the first time it could decrease the chance of levonalle working, so what I want to know is; is my period late because of the high does of hormones or is there a high chance I could be pregnant? I'm 23 thank you in advance. I'm scared.