I had thrush about weeks ago and got treated. I recently got a cut down there for no reason, I sometimes get these after sex but put it down to my partner's size. I skipped my period and had some random bleeding I put this down to skipping. I had sex with my partner and now have more bleed or though its more discolored discharge. I've had Pelvic inflammatory before, for which they never found a cause. I've not had chlamydia or anything ever. I have had cuts before they never bleed and heal in 2 days. I get thrush every year to 3 years and always pee after sex to help prevent UTI's. I've had the same partner for 3 years and neither of us has seen anyone else. I'm worried it could be herpes or that something is really wrong ?
Any thoughts on why this keeps happening would be appreciated.
I am currently waiting for an internal and external ultra sound to check polyps this is overdue I think they are on my blader or something so sholdn't be causing these issues.