Hello! I was wondering if anyone else has experienced what I'm going through right now: so I gave birth to my healthy daughter a month ago (January 29th), and my lochia bleeding stopped by the 3 week mark. Saturday morning (February 21st), one thing led to another, & my bf & I had unprotected sex. I took plan b (brand was Next Choice) that following Monday. Starting yesterday I noticed some small bleeding (almost period like, with tiny blood clots). Now today, we had unprotected morning sex again. This time I noticed the bleeding is heavier, seeming more period like. He came in me. Now should I take plan b again (it's 4weeks now since giving birth & my post partum check up isn't for another 2 weeks), or is it safe to assume my period has started & my chances are slim? (Given I don't think I'm suppose to start my period again because I am breastfeeding my daughter only. Every 3-4 hours, no formula).
Thank you for your time, any advice would help!! :)