I want my period back :(((

Hello ! I have a question and please help me with answers from those who have used nexplanon ! First things first : My last period was on October 19 on 24oct in the 6th day of my period I had Implanon . Dr told me that in the first 7 days to use condoms . I had no contact at all until the 11th day after the insertion of nexplanon I had unprotected sex because I was thinking that now are protected . Since then I started getting some brown spots for a few days and then those brown spots became as blood but less quantitative and began and terrible headaches ( migraines ) who have held about 16 days. I went to the doctor and I told him what was happening to me and I'm not happy with Implanon , I felt sick , dizzy , my appetite was down , I was nervous all the time. Dr , I made ​​an appointment the next day to come to my Implanon out . On November 18 we had 2 contacts with my husband and do not use condoms , I unprotected as they say .. thinking that will be further protected . But on November 19, pulled out of Implanon . I had Implanon only 3 weeks and 5 days. Is it possible to get pregnant from contact that I had before the removal of Implanon ? What do you think ? when I could really do a pregnancy test ?

Thank you for your time!