I got my first depo provera shot last month on feb 9th during my period. I've had a bit of spotting here and there but nothing to amount of needing any pads or tampons. My doctor said it takes a full month before its effective (however I'm seeing a lot of different answers to that. Some people say if you get it within 5 days of the beginning of your period, it's effective immediately?) I was supposed to be getting my period 2 days ago.. However I still haven't gotten it. It's to my understanding that it usually takes months for your period to stop? Anyone know what the chances are of my period actually stopping immediately like this? My period is never usually this late, and my biggest worry is that my boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex a couple of times since I've gotten the shot. Can someone please tell me if it's normal to not get my period? If the shot pushes it back to be late like this? And when exactly the shot actually does become effective?