I'm 15 and a virgin but I haven't had my period in 7 months. This has happened before but longer (maybe like 9-ish months the first time then it was every month-till now). Some of my family/friends say that its because I'm still growing. I got my first period when 13 and a half (in late october) I had it for about a week then I didn't get it for about 9 months (the first day of june) then i started to get it about every month from June 2013 to mid January 2014 I spotted just like the tiniest drop in maybe early april. I haven't had it since january but I've started to eat a little less and exercise more than I normally do (I ate less because I realized I was eating a little to much-binge eating- I was NOT being anorexic or trying to not eat much i was just eating a bit less because i felt like i was sometimes over eating and i am NOT over weight I have 21% body fat and i am 5.5 ft tall) Is this normal or do I need to consult my pediatrician?