Late period but no reason to suspect pregnancy; forgot pills some days while away from parnter, then doubled the days I forgot.. now no period??
So I was out on vacation and with family for a majority of the month and have not been romantically with him since a right after my last period; though I was both on the pill and using secondary contraceptives ( condoms) to be extra sure that I wouldn’t risk anything.
Now, while on vacation, I got carried away having fun and forgot to take a couple of my pills- so on the nights I forgot sometimes I doubled up sometimes I just skipped and went to sleep.
On the day my period was due there was some brown discharge, and has been ( very very light and about twice a day) through the week that my period should have been happening.
Now of corse I’m jumping to all sorts of conclusions but I’m curious, could my misuse of my pills cause a late and spotty period? Or should I be worried about pregnancy?