I had unprotected sex late saturday night and then again early sunday morning. While I think he pulled-out, I cannot be positive. I was supposed to be starting my period within the next week or two and after doing research online found out that since it was not my most fertile time I should be okay (though I will never make a mistake like this again). For the next three days I was having extreme anxiety, convincing myself I was pregnant and so I decided to go and buy Plan-B One Step. I took this pill on wednesday, probably about 80 or so hours since the incident. I know that Plan-B is most effective within the first 72 hours but I read that it there has been research claiming it could provide some help for up to 120 hours. I had no side effects after taking the pill and, today (Friday - 2 days later) am experiencing some light bleeding. Could this be my period because I was supposed to be starting around this time anyway and I know that Plan-B can cause you to start within a week earlier or later. I am very nervous still. Thank you for your help!