I am on perindropil for 4 weeks and on Risperidone for 3 weeks, both my psychologist and cardiologist ignored the side effects I explained (fast heart beat, dizzynes, tiredness, feeling like heart have a hard time pumping the blood, etc), now I am in a foreign country since 8 days ago, for at least 6 months and have no option to see a doctor. I am 26, athlete, overweight right now, practicing 4-5 times a week. I am afraid I made heavy burden on my cardio system for past 3 weeks, I stoped using Perindropil for 4 days and side effects are gone but I still fell weak and hear the heartbeat, puls is back to normal, and dizzines is less for at least 50%. I still need to take care of my high blood preassure but need to try change the med, pls advise me what other HBP med should I try? (AT inhibitors instead of ACE inhibitors?, or diuretics?) I have hard 3 months of practise in front of me and I need to get the system functioning as best as possible, since my visa depends on my performance (my goal is to live here). I also have asthma and use Symbicort and Pulmicort (do they interact in some way?). Did my 3 weeks of probably low blod preassure damaged my cardio system in some way? symptoms were like, when I stand up my heart would go to 110 beats per minute, and while resting it was over 83 (my normal is 65). Pls advise me as in detail as possible it would help me and mean to me a lot in this situation