aloha family, its been so long, and ive missed all of you. my work is full time, very busy all the time, and doing work for the Lord who last sunday service gave me a job to do about a young mans death. he told me my dear child i have a job for you to do, and its to comfort and support to this boys family who i dont know at all. for the Love of God, i followed his order and have been so busy with my mission. my taper im at my last 2 days at 122.5 mg 4 times a day, yes yes yes!!! my anxiety/panic and depession which mostly is my menopause symptoms, has completely vanished since ive started taking aoo natural estoven . well im so tired, and my eyse are getting vety heaviy, i think i bettrer get back in bed. i love u ,,, ty family for being there for me always. aloha, leanne