well family, i dont think im doing this correctly, im struggling with the withdrawls, i do work full time and im wondering if that could be why im having a harder time. i dont want to go on methadone or subs, i just want a taper plan that will work for me and allow me to keep my job. i cant afford not to work. i know im already on a very very slow taper, and failed many times, but i know that there is one out there for me that will work, we who are on some type of opiate taper, or detox are all different with different circumtances. i wish i could take months off of work and do a taper and only focus on that, but unfortunately living in hawaii is a nitemare. the cost of living is horrids and the job situation , well its political, who you know. so that is why i need to keep my job. just throwing this out there, anyone whos done a taper, wether it takes months or anything to get off, and was able to hold down a full time job with just about no withdrawls, please inbox me your plan. thanks all, leanne