I took some heavy drugs trying to make myself "happy" but my drug of choice was percocet. I took every kind of opium in the book but my favorite was perk 10... i thought i needed it to be happy and be more socialble but honestly it took over my whole life. I finally woke up when my "friend" would talk about me taking to much and its all i talked about when she was considered a big pill head... I started because of a kidney condition i did not take care of. I honestly didnt really want to take care of it because i knew i could get the pills. It is sad that i chose to stay sick just to get these pills. I thought it made life easier and made me forget stuff but honelstly it is the worste choice i ever made. Do not become a victum get help no matter how bad you think the withdrawal or your life is. Being clean for only a week i see things different. i see how i lied and put things in my head to make things okay just to get a quick high. GO TO YOUR DOCTOR AND GET THE HELP YOU NEED NO MATTER HOW LITTLE OR HOW MUCH YOU TAKE TRUST ME IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT...

this is what i did...
Clonidine 2 x a day for 4 days
got back on zoloft
b6 vitimins
aderax(hydroxyz 25 mg) anxiety meds..
water n gatoraid
v8 mago peach drinks

i am on day 9 and could not be more happier and see things more clearer... LIFE IS WORTH IT AND YOUR LIFE IS WORTH IT NO MATTER WHAT ANYBODY SAYS!!! BE YOURSELF!!!