... ruptured 2 disks in my back and over the last year I have also gotten a bone spur .
The first doctor that workmans comp sent me to put me on 90 percs a week to manage the pain and this continued for months , then the dr wanted me to do a disk-o-gram test that is very painful my lawyer said to say no to that due to the fact that I was already in so much pain , when I did the dr dropped me . WC ended up sending me to another dr and he has me on 60 every 10 days . I am not wanting to take these pills anymore !
I took my last perc friday night at about 10 pm . The dr mailed me another script and it should be here 2marrow , should I stay on the course that im on or take just a few a day to be safe ?
I am having the slight head ache , stomach trouble ( in the bathroom alot ) very restless legs and very little sleep . I take xanax already 2mg 3times a day , but I haven't filled that script this month because I don't have the money . I fill really antsy and im very uncomfortable ( pain in leg & back from injury ) . Am I any where near being threw this with drawl ?