When i was using percocet for awhile i began experiencing problems getting and keeping an erection, it bothered me of course but i have heard of this before happening to many people. In general because of the problems the addiction was causing i naturally began to feel a little depressed, i am 6 months sober now and things have gotten a little better. But of course everything is far from perfect still. When i was using and i was experiencing those problems i began wanting sex less and less with my girlfriend and its not her at all ,i want her i just crave sex less. So now at this point i dont have trouble like before but i just still dont crave sex as much as i used to and i dont know why and this hurts her to and i understand that but i dont know what to do. I always think that after awhile when things get better this will start to go back to normal the way it was before all of this, but sometimes it really gets to me because i dont understand whats wrong with me. If anyone knows how this feels and went through it please any advice would be helpful.