I've been taking 5mg. Percocet (2x 2.5 mg.) every night before bed for approximately the past 18 months. It's been prescribed due to a cervical stenosis and rheumatoid arthritis conditions that cause progressively increasing pain when I lie down. The Percocet soothes the pain and enables me to comfortably fall asleep.

About a week ago I woke up with the kind of hearing condition that occurs at high altitudes or when there is water deep inside the ear. I was able to hear okay but that blocked sensation was impossible to clear via the usual jaw-snapping exercise. Because I've heard that Oxycontin caused Rush Limbaugh to go deaf, assuming oxycodone is chemically similar I've tried to back off the Percocet. I've restricted my intake to a single 2.5 mg. dose, which is barely effective to totally ineffective. The hearing problem is almost completely gone but I've experienced what I believe are symptoms of addiction, which are insomina and anxiety -- in addition to the usual pain when trying to fall asleep.

So I'm between a rock and a hard place. Falling asleep without my usual 5 mg. dose of Percocet is a problem but I'm afraid of permanently damaging my hearing.

My question: Is this an unusual reaction to such a comparatively low dosage of Percocet? Anyone else have a similar problem? Also, how long does it take to fully withdraw from a low-dosage Percocet addiction?