I have been addicted to percocet for 3years, I take 14-5mg a day and it's been a hell of a ride for me with guilt and feelings of never being able to get clean. I feel horrible about myself and not being able to tell anyone is really lonely but all that aside. I am going for umbilical hernia repair surgery on Tuesday, my first official surgery and I am TERRIFIED because I know my tolerance to pain medication is extremely high and I don't know what to do. My pain threshold is also very low. It took me 4 percs every couple of hours to control wisdom tooth removal pain and even then the pain was insane.. this is hernia repair, much worse! and they may think I'll be ok with a couple of tylenol 3 after surgery and end up waking up/recovering in extreme pain not being bale to explain that I still feel very much in pain and that my tolerance is much higher than the normal person.. I am freaking out bad. Not to mention I have anxiety issues and all this surgery stuff and the fear is making me have major anxiety attacks PLEASE HELP
I am 27yr F.