... I am currently prescribed 2 1/2 suboxone a day for the next year. Suboxone works for me only because I know I CANNOT get high while suboxone is in my system. I was wondering if a methadone clinic would be a better choice. Everyone in my life disapproves but I know the choice is ultimately mine. I just don't feel like suboxone is going to keep me on the right track forever. The longer I'm on it, the more and more I want a Percocet. My habit when I was using was ten to fifteen 30 mg Percocet a day. I know that if I slip up just once, then I will easily go back to my habit just as hard as before, if not harder. I don't need advice about rehabs and drug counseling. I was just wondering if anyone on here has been in my shoes and knows how to overcome this awful habit. I am NOT a religious person whatsoever so advising me to believe in some "higher power" will do no good. Please and thank you for any comments