and need some assistance as I am new to the area. I have chronic back pain (only at night) and it has been diagnosed from everyting to Fibromyalgia to a disc issue to severe nerve problems. I have had every etst and xray, mri etc known to man. I was with a pain management dr in Missouri and moved to Illinois and have yet to find a PM dr that will take me that doesnt think I am after drugs. In Mizzou I was taking Norco and after tolerance was moved to Oxycodone. Previous dr wanted to put me on Opana (?) but I asked to wait until I found a new dr upon relocation. If anyone knows a Dr in the area that will assist me with treatment and meds that understands I cant tolerate 5 more years of tests I would appreciate it. And if you think I am just after pain meds please dont waste either of out time. Should note that my previous Dr has had no luck getting me a referral closer than Chicago.