I am prescribed 50mg Biphentin to treat symptoms of ADHD/ADD. I am 19 years old and find that Biphentin only lasts until about 2:30 pm if I take it at about 9:00 am. I am going through university in the BscN (Registered Nurse) program which is very time consuming and usually involves me studying etc. until late hours at night. Only lasting until 2:30 is definitely not enough. I have a doctors appointment to talk about other medication options but I was hoping someone could give me their opinions/experiences with these drugs. I believe Biphentin is only available in Canada but I would appreciate any help and advise :) Thank you!
PS. I am a 5'7 female weighing 115 pounds. Dosages may have something to do with height and weight so it's just extra help for anyone who is willing to give me their advice :) thank you so much !