IvE been prescribed 20mg omeprazole once a day for 4 weeks only . I went to my dr as just recently ive suffered with heartburn twice id neever had it and thought I was having a heart attack the first time as it hurt so much . Then every day since then I have had some reflux and a lot of burping (sorry if tmi) I always burp a lof esp after fizzy drinks which ivve cut down on anyway as have ibs as well .So anyway dr said acid reflux and pprescribed these tablets sometimes it feels like there if fluid in my throat and no matter how much I drink or swallow it doesnt go away so was leading to me takin 2 antacids a day when I never had to take any before :( so im just wondering if anyone else had to take these for 4 weeks and the problem went or if they had to have them for longer . Really waant it to go away as when it makes me nauseous its the worst feeling :(