My doctor has had me on zoloft for a couple months now, he now has me up to 200 mg's a day, it seems like every time he ups my dosage the first few days I have issues with diarrhea and an upset stomach, and can panic a little more than normal. I have also lost 36 pounds since starting zoloft, I asked my doctor does most people lose weight when they are on zoloft, he said no they usually gain, that my body obviously reacts to it differently.(I literally have no appetite at all, I only eat because I have to and very little at that)What are other peoples experiences with zoloft, I do know it has helped me greatly(only time it gives me problems is the first couple days it is increased)My doctor said to help my anxiety issues I have to be at a high dose and it could take quite a while to help.(thankfully he did up my xanax from 05 mg once a day, to 1mg once a day so that made me more at ease.)