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Are there other people who had vertigo/dizziness as their primary symptom of panic disorder?

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pamee 25 May 2014

Hello Piglet,
It is very common to feel dizzy and have vertigo when having a panic attack. Breathing exercises and meditation helps a lot with panic.
I hope you feel better soon,

Pigletsmama 2 Jan 2015

Hi pamee - thanks for your answer. Yes I know it's common to have dizziness/vertigo during a panic attack, but the d/v began about a year before I ever had a panic attack and led eventually to panic attacks.

sparkmom 17 Aug 2014

Just wanted you to know you are not alone. That is my primary symptom. I was on 20mg. Cymbalta and it helped a lot but stopped working. I am trying Wellbutrin right now. It is day 13 and so far the heart palp is almost gone but I have headaches everyday that don't go away and am still dizzy. Tired of people telling me that I should do the Eply manuver. That made me worse and that isn't why I am dizzy. Stay strong Pigletsmama!

Pigletsmama 2 Jan 2015

Thanks sparkmom. The dizziness/vertigo began about a year before the panic started. I've tried about all the SSRIs SNRIs, tricyclics, etc, but benzodiazepines are a known 'vestibular suppressant' (I was finally dx'd with peripheral vestibular dysfunction), so have been on these meds since l975. Sad, but true. It's getting hard to stay strong after all these yrs, but thanks

sparkmom 4 Jan 2015

Just wanted to update. My dr. put me back on generic cymbalta .He assures me it is the same as brand name. It has been 83 days and I still am dizzy, shaky and have heart palps. It is better when I sit down. I work in a middle school so this can be quite annoying. All I want is to feel"normal" again. My next appointment is not for a month. I hope you find answers. free discount card

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