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How can people on long term dialysis be exposed to hepatitis C virus?

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kaismama 15 Aug 2014

Any time you have an open access to a vein and have procedures like dialysis, they can be exposed. Also if the dialysis patient has it, the nurses taking care of him can be exposed to it.

Stephen Treloar 17 Aug 2014

Anytime there is a chance of blood to blood contact. The Hepatitis C Virus is very hardy and can live for up to 3 weeks outside the body given sufficient moisture. If the person before you were infected; and if any stray blood at all from them or another infected person (invisible amounts) were able to enter a wound on you (even a bleeding scratch) you are at risk.

Remember that approximately 1 in 100 people are thought to be infected with HCV. So, never fail to use that free hand sanitizer they provide all over hospitals these days to keep your hands as clean as possible.

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