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Why are people with Fibromyalgia treated with narcotics if a non narcotic med will work?

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kaismama 12 Mar 2014

Its been my experience, that no non narcotic pain med works for me. Its also been my experience that its hard to get narcotic pain meds for fibro. In my 60 yrs of fibro I have been on almost every pain medication known to man, and only recently was prescribed low dose vicodin. As far as I'm concerned, the vicodin is far safer then all the NSAIDS I was on that gave me 9 ulcers over the years. And the NSAIDS did nothing for me.

Trinabell 9 May 2014

Hi crystal. There's a lot of ppl who have fibromyalgia who also have other chronic pain conditions as well. The non narcotic med may help some for the fibro but does nothing for the other pain. Then there are those of us who the non narcotic does nothing for & the narcotic one only helps a little. I personally am on narcotic & non narcotic meds as well as many other meds. Usually it takes a drug cocktail for a lot of us to find even a modicum of relief. Plus keep in mind its become incredibly hard for even pain management patients to get any type of narcotic pain meds. I think you'll find your surprised at how many ppl with this condition who aren't on any narcotics at all & if most ppl could even begin to comprehend the amount of pain we suffer with they'd be shocked.

kaismama 9 May 2014

Do you know that there is a medication that has been used in germany for fibro patients for 25 yrs, that stops the pain,and its not narcotic. The FDA is still holding it up in trials... Meanwhile we suffer. I'd volunteer to try it, lol

pamee 30 May 2014

I will do the trial also! Do you know the name of the medication? free discount card

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