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Why cant people with Chronic Constipation use Zelnorm when there is no othr relief ?

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14 Jul 2012

To start with, its been banned in several countries, including the USA. It was only recommended in one type of chronic constipation, and then only in women under 65. This was because it didn't work in any other kind or age.

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14 Jul 2012

I agree, it was banned and that's enough for me.

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14 Jul 2012

I have had chrontic constipation for years, & found that by taking magnesium supplements daily has relieved this greatly. In fact, since starting have not had one problem since. Start with at least 500mg in the morning on an empty stomach. If that doesn't do the trick, then up it to another one in the evening. At 1000mg you are still not close to the dose you take with milk of magnesia which is 1200mg of magnesium. It's a lot more comfortable too. No cramping or anything & I feel so much better, my doctor believes I must have been really low on magnesium all my life.I had even been told I had IBS. No more. Give it a try... Mary

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Anonymous 14 Jul 2012

I should have mentioned that this will not hurt you at all. All it does, is put water in the colon where it belongs. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day also... Mary

21 Nov 2012

Magnesium can work, but not always. I take a daily dose of 400 mg as part of my daily vitamins. At 800 mg, I may get loose stool. But not always. When I have bouts of chronic constipation (i.e. no bowel movement for 2+ days), I have tried 1200+ mg of magnesium and nothing happens. That's when I know the constipation is really bad. I then usually have to take 1 Correctol at bedtime, and another before lunch the next day to get things moving.

It's rough out there without Zelnorm. It was a miracle drug for me.

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2 May 2014

Idk much bout it besides its ben ban bt I thnk ne relief of constipation wld b btr thn none.

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