I suffer from lower back & sciatica. I've had the injections in my back , which made tithings worse. My diabeties came back full force. Then many bad meditications, worst was Tramadol , hospital ER doctor finally understood & wanted me on something stronger yet that was last year & again trial & error, plus something like klonopon or lower dose 1mg 2-3 times a day do to what he explained as a problem for me because of how bad my body has been hurt by meds. So as I had complained very much it was not helping with pain I felt sick. Worse then ever. I had serotonin syndrome. So many problems can count the bad meds for @least me. I have a question if u please help with any info , it is now being mentioned about the use of 2 diff. Medications 1 has many names , goes by Pentazocine25mg.also known as fortral,sosegon (or as talwin ) I think. Then I'm not sure much about it. I have heard & read some good things , of course some negative things. The other is a pure codinine, I've found now that I'm dealing with painful leg & feet problems do to a kind of neoropathy , which is known yet if this has become a problem from being on januvia to help control my sugar levels, since on the med. I've felt worse swelling & pain . This now is just unbelievable 24/7 pain. I'm not sure which would work the best without causing problems, like any info anyone could give. I thank you all douch. I no everyone is different.yet I would appreciate hearing from others.thanks I'm ill just say a young 52year old female wanting to get my life back as best as I can, it's been along horrible journey, as for other also.thanks