HELP!!! lol.
I have been on Pentasa for about a full week now. About 3 days ago I
started noticing what I thought was Heartburn. Having never had it before
I didn't really know, but my husband and family agreed that my symptoms
sounded just like heartburn.
Anyway at that point it wasn't that bad to be worried about.
In the past 48 hrs I have gone from that to now feeling like there is something
STUCK IN MY THROAT. I can't EAT OR DRINK b/c the pain when I swallow
IT is NOT a sore throat. It feels like nothing I have ever felt before.
I have noticed that I've been constipated since on this medication, and I feel
full and round. That's the only way I can describe it. I also am noticing today that I constantly feel I have to burp and cannot. I also have a difficult time
taking a deep breath.
I just know that I can't NOT eat or drink. I have to! NOTHING helps.
I have tried EVERYTHING.

I was just wondering if this sounds familiar to anyone out there???