. I am a RN with 20 yr. Acute care work. I have a clotting problem; VonWilabraums ; and I have been doing grin & bare it, as to treatment for OsteoArthritis in BOTH my hands for the past year. I did go to PT and have stretching exercises, & have the I have fitted compression gloves. Finally they tried Voltaren Gel, and using half the dose, & only 2 times a day it has helped. But it is now on indefinate backorder, I tried all over Ct. and my mail order company in Pa. has no backorder date. Is pennsaid gel simular, or of more of a potential to bleed? I also have HPN, elevated lipids, Chrones (currently in remission) Degenerative disc disease with a failed triple fushion & damaged sciatic nerve. OA of both knees, elbows & hips. Any suggestion on a topical gel?