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Is penicillin good for mild kidney infection?

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coloresue 1 Jun 2015

Penicillin is used for kidney infections as well as a large number of drugs. Cipro, Bactrim, levaquin, doripenem, Doribax and a host of others are often used. No doubt your Dr. has a good reason for choosing Penicillin. S/he knows more about your health history than I do. A kidney infection means you have an infection in your urinary tract, ureters, and bladder also. IF the infection wasn't acquired during a procedure or surgery. The bacteria from outside your urinary tract had to make it's way through these areas of the body to get to your kidneys. I would never take a kidney infection lightly. Any damage can't be repaired and your kidneys are extremely important. Why not ask your Dr. why he chose Penicillin? Make sure you aren't allergic to it before you take it. free discount card

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