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Penicillin - does anyone know what antibiotic is used for divertiticulitis?

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kimmie1 30 Jan 2010

My husband was diagnosed with divertiticulitis and was given no antibiotics that I recall. He might have done a series of steriods for a short period of time but I really can't say for sure. He is asleep or I would ask him. He was put on some prescription for his stomach protonicis(sp) not sure how that is spelled but I will get back with you if you need further information. Your urologist should be able to advise you on that. Best to ya... kimmie1

Psychmajor 30 Jan 2010

"Diverticulitis is swelling (inflammation) of an abnormal pouch (diverticulum) in the intestinal wall. These pouches are usually found in the large intestine (colon). The presence of the pouches themselves is called diverticulosis"

this is not a bacterial infection so penicillin shouldnt be used for this neither should any antibiotic (anti-inflamatories may help) free discount card

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