but unable to find a doc willing to jump through FDA's hoops.
I was on this med (112.5mg daily) for 25 years with no problems at all. Liver panels done were always normal.
I was 1st on Cylert & then it was made as a generic. Years later, with the help of a FDA pharmacist, I was able to have it compounded at a pharmacy a number of miles from me for a couple of years before the FDA decided to ban it.
I had to leave my career in 2008 after this ban. I am terrified to drive more than a few miles. I fear I will get lost because of poor memory.

I am now about to lose my my home as my husband cannot deal with my loss of memory + a couple of other health issues & is divorcing me.
I am now on Social Security & can't afford the high cost of this otherwise cheap drug. I had a price from the same FDA pharmacist & as I recall it would be something like $1,000 a month, nearly all I have coming in.
Is there any possibility this drug will ever be on the market again or am I headed for a nursing home?