So on Sept 7th (2 days before my ovulation date) condom broke and he finished inside me. I took plan b the next day, I felt like period cramping and a head ache nothing crazy. I also noticed that I didn't have any clear ovulation discharge after taking the pill either so I assume it stopped the ovulation process. 5 days later I had a little spotting and the next day I bled as if I had a full on period. It calmed down the next day and went into spotting and stop on sept 16th (total of 3 days). I was like hmmm ok could be from the pill. But now a day after that I have a pelvic pain kind of feels like it's pulling cramp and I did have constipation, I'm not sure if this is from the pill and I'm very confused, worried, and I'm stressing myself out bc all I could think about is if the pill didn't work !? Hopefully someone could help me out or give me advice

Thank you !!!