About a month ago I started noticing my feet itching alot. The bottoms. So naturally I went to my mother trying to solve it and we went through every type of cure for athletes foot but nothing worked. The itch will go away if I pay absolutely no attention to it but as soon as I thought about it the itch would come back. After a while I noticed the the getting worse. So far to the point that any sort of itching cream could only help for maybe a few seconds of relief. We found the under side of both my feet had begun to peel all and any callus up and my foot would begin to itch when a new piece would peel up. So I went to the doctor and they ruled out athletes foot. They began to think it a hydration problem and also decided to try and soften the callus under my feet with a stuff called callex. It worked to provide relief for a few weeks but soon these blisters began showing up. I wouldn't have noticed them except my boyfriend said usually when you have an itch that there is a bump so I looked. Sure enough there was a tiny tiny little bump. If you itched it the worse the itch got. But when some skin peeled up it broke the top of the bump and a little clear fluid came ip. The itch stopped. Then a couple days later about 6 more little bumps showed up. I now have almost no callus including on my toes and the little bumps still show up. They itch so bad some times that I begin twitching or it wakes me up from a dead sleep