My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for literally 5 minutes Thursday night in between 9:20-9:30pm. It was the 8th time total and 3 other times were unprotected, but he would pull out. He said he could feel when he was about to come, but this time he said when he pulled out just to pull out, stuff dripped off the tip. He said he didn't feel the sensation to ejaculate and he couldn't remember how long into the sex it happened, but there was still a lot on the blanket. I had work the next day, but I took plan b one step at 7:45pm friday, the next evening. So almost 24 hours later. My last period was June 18 and it came a day early so I'm supposed to get my next period around July 16. I did an ovulation calendar and it said today, Saturday, is my 14th day in the cycle and it's the first day of my ovulation phase. So, I dont know if my ovaries already released an egg a day early or a day late, but with any amount of sperm that can live up to 3-5 days, I'm worried.. So I'm hoping if a sperm made its way into my fallopian tubes, it wasn't waiting for an egg to pop out, then attack it before plan b one step could take effect.
I was dizzy and tired Friday night but slept it off, and tired/dizzy, a little nauseous with a stomach ache, and cramping today, Saturday. Am I going to be okay?