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What pd symptoms can we expect results with from pramipexole? Balance, arm swing, handwriting etc.??

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Bright22firefly 4 Sep 2012

Each person with PD is unique and can only speak from their own experience but
I experienced a great relief from RLS along with tingling up arms, legs, head and
nose. Arm swing, balance and handwriting did not change. Along with levadopa/
cabadopa I have experienced a great increase in energy and a great lessening
of temor but the down side for me has been loss of memory and difficuty finding
words which may be PD or may be exacerbated by Mirapex. We are all unique
in our experience with PD and our reaction to the meds. Hope this helps you.

nickeman 4 Sep 2012

I suffer from RLS and PLMD, not PD. I use Pramipexole and it has provided significant relief. Prior to this drug I spent countless nights where if lucky I'd get 2 or 3 hours of sleep and suffered greatly from the effects of sleep deprivation.

The initial symptoms were very vivid dreams at night, very pleasant in fact, not objectionable at all. During the day however, I was tired and sleepy but this generally waned as the weeks passed. I'm now on my third increase in dosage and things are a little different. The first night brought nightmares and sleep wasn't much better than going without the drug. I took the new dosage one day on and the next day back to the previous dosage. That more gradual increase worked and the past two nights fully on the new dosage were the best sleep I've had the last couple of weeks.

Bright22firefly 5 Sep 2012

i have been on Mirapex for some time now and you bring back memories.
Have more to say about the med. and your symptoms as I can relate but
Im new here and dont want to over step my boundaries. Im sure there are
many on here that can be of help to you regarding your situation who are
far more experienced than I am.
Its a challenging path we are on but a possitive attitude and living in the moment are the best way to avoid unneccesary worries and concerns. (cant change the past. 'should'a, would'a, could'a', and cant go into the future so we only have right now. This has helped me to not keep trying to predict what will happen down the road as I dont know and can't control it anyway. Maybe this is not an issue for you but it was for me. We have never walked this path before and it can be scarry but it doesn't have to be with sites like this one!
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