She has changed me to depakote ER & wants to put me on propranolol. The propranolol is for blood pressure & I already have low blood pressure so I don't think I want to take it. The depakote worries me because its an anti siesure medicine. I have had problems with meds like it before so I don't know what to do? Any advice? I wanted to add that I have started pt for my back pain I got a tens unit yesterday & I like it so far. It doesn't keep me pain free but it helps along with the meds. I saw the PA for my back the other day & I didn't like what he had to say. He told me there was nothing they could do to fix my back & that the injections are just going to do more damage. He wouldn't up my pain meds either. I have an appointment with the doc n September so I hope I get better news from him. It was so upsetting to hear that all they can do is manage my pain & like I told him their not doing a very good job of it. I guess im going to wait & talk with my doc & c where I go from here because if they wont manage my pain to where I can function then I have no use for going there anymore. How do they decide how much pain were in? They're not n our bodies to feel what we feel! What to do?