I'll make this short. My PCP is also my pain management physician which referred me to a surgeon for a hemorrhoidectomy. The surgeon had me list my pain meds which I take Percocet 10 BUT most of the time I cut them in half because I'm sensitive to drugs. After surgery the surgeon perscribed Norco 5 for breakthrough pain in which it works on the brain differently (hydro v. oxy) thus better management for a pain in not accustomed to. The pharmacy contacted my PCP/PM dye to the amount of Tylenol and didn't fill the script because his office wouldn't call back. Here he was already in the process of dismissing me by the time he recieved the surgeons notes the day of the surgery. I'm not wrapping my mind around the fact that 1) The PCP/PM doctor referred me for the surgery and 2) dismissing me over the surgeon even suggesting the Norco. It's been so long since I've been going to my doctor that I don't remember signing a contact with him over other docs perscribing pain meds. Couldn't he just refused that script and called me asking my pain level with the Percocet to see if I needed the Norco and he prescribe it? Is not like I asked for the Norco, I was just following what my surgeon indicated. I use my pain meds sparingly because I don't want to become immune to them and have to go any higher than where I'm at nor can my system handle being drugged all the time. I'm so confused as what to do. Any suggestions?